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Hi, I'm David Reynolds, in Southern IL. This was a very basic start to a new site for my '87 Shelby CSX. I'm in the process of building up a new engine for it. With luck, I'll find some time to finish updating this site with some more current info. A lot of it is pretty old. In the mean time, here are a few pictures and some details of the buildup.

'87 CSX #321

This is the once of the pictures that was on eBay. While it had been driven a lot, it was not in that bad a shape. The interior was dirty, the seats were torn, and the windshield was cracked, but it had a MP Stage II logic module, and the black paint was new and shiny. Most important, except for some of the exterior decals, all the Shelby items were intact. The car didn't meet its reserve price on eBay, but the next Saturday I went back and bought it.

The interior was pretty rough when I bought it. Besides the driver's seat being in tatters, as usual, the other seats, headliner, and steering wheel were worn, and everything was dirty. I got a few bits and pieces at Krysler Kars, but it seems that good '87 interiors are real hard to come by, at least around here. I decided to just take it to a trim shop and let them have at it.

Justin Bell, at Bell's Auto Trim, did a great job on the upholstery. He found a very close match to the stock material and re-covered all the seats. He also replaced the carpet, headliner, and trunk lining. Now the interior looks almost as good as new.

While the interior was stripped, I took all of the plastic and cleaned and painted it. I used a #00 between-coats sanding pad and scrubbed the pieces down with acetone. Then, after wiping them once more with acetone, I gave each piece three light coats of color and three of clear vinyl color coat from English Color.

Reynolds_Christmas_portrait_2003.jpg (60840 bytes)Here's a picture of me and my family. I'm the tall one with the beard. Next to me are my wonderful wife of almost 19 years, Linda; our older daughter, Leah; our younger daughter, Becca; and their little brother, Jonathan (a.k.a. "Turbo"). This picture was taken at home for Christmas 2003. (click it to enlarge)