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Installing +40% Injectors With A Two-Piece Intake

When I attempted to put a set of +40% injectors in with my two-piece intake, I discovered that they don't fit! I had never seen this mentioned anywhere before, so this explains how I solved the problem.

injector_o_ring.jpg (59345 bytes)
The o-ring doesn't seat
fully with the unmodified
fuel rail.

If the fuel rail for the two-piece intake is installed normally, the +40% injectors will not go into the intake far enough to fully seat the o-rings. You cannot push them in farther because of the position of the bolt holes in the brackets on the fuel rail. This is apparently not a problem with the one-piece intake fuel rail.

fuel rail bracket mod.jpg (63171 bytes)
How to modify the fuel
rail bracket so the
injectors will seat

To correct this, you must make the holes in the bracket bigger. I used a carbide cutter with a Dremel tool to elongate the holes by about 2 mm. This let me push the injectors in fully and solved the problem. The blue areas in the picture show the original holes in the bracket, and the red areas show what to remove to make the holes bigger.